Interpreters are Essential Workers.

Interpreters are Essential Workers.

At the onset of this unprecedented pandemic, misinformation led to chaos and widespread fear. Clear concise communication was essential and Community Interpreter Services made every effort to ensure limited English proficient (LEP) persons and the immigrant population were not left in the dark.

Since the start of pandemic, CIS provided interpreters for over 6,000 LEP persons.

Since March, CIS has translated 236 documents. Many of which related to health and public safety guidelines and urgent information about COVID-19.

As essential workers, CIS interpreters help schools communicate with English language learners and their LEP parents during the shift to e-learning. They also assist health care workers in providing information and care virtually to the vulnerable senior population.

CIS interpreters were especially vital when the Department of Unemployment Assistance switched to telephonic hearings and saw a huge increase in applicants as businesses closed and unemployment numbers rose.

CIS continues to work with the Department of Children and Families, immigration lawyers, and social service programs across the state to reach their clients remotely and maintain access to critical services throughout the pandemic.

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